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The most advanced Trade Finance built specifically for Emerging Markets that lets you access capital on your own terms.


Why TCP ?

Tired of not having aworking capital solution to support your growing business?



Providing efficient working capital solutions 



Tailored trade financing options for your business needs



Protected with powerful built-in industry leading security technologies



Manage your contracts and exposure in real time through our secure portal

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How it works ?

Access Capital Swiftly And Securely

Our platform is designed to help our customers focus on growing their businesses.

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Submit information about your business through our platform

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TCP tailors its working capital solution to your specific requirements

Digital Submission

Securely submit your invoices electronically.

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Get funded within 24 hours of submitting documents

Welcome to TCP

The most advanced Trade Finance Platform built specifically for Emerging Markets that lets you access capital on your own terms.


Why Invoice Factoring?

  • Unlock funds tied up in unpaid invoices so that your business receives funds immediately.
  • Use these funds to grow your business.

Simple Yet Advanced Platform

A leading edge Fintech platform that allows you to access and manage your business finance needs across any device. 

Improved Cash Flow

Trade finance solutions provide cost effective way to access working capital at the click of a button. Start-ups and SMEs can get the additional working capital to improve their cash flow to invest in technology, buy more inventory, acquire new customers, meet seasonal demands, and expand to new markets. Could you grow your business faster if you had better cashflow?

Meet the


Troels Andersen

Troels Andersen

CEO / Founder
Bill Crawley

Bill Crawley

COO / Founder
Mo Shahin

Mo Shahin

CTO / Founder